What Makes UBG Such An Excellent Drywall Subcontractor?

Drywall is a critical component to the structural and aesthetic quality of commercial buildings. Drywall not only covers interior walls, pipes, and electric work, it also provides an essential layer of insulation for the interior of the building. Additionally, it adds a layer of fire resistance across walls and ceilings, and it’s also affordable to purchase and install in large quantities. Due to its many benefits, most large commercial construction projects call for a significant amount of drywall; however, finding really good drywall subcontractors who can handle a large volume project can be challenging.

At Unique Building Group, we live for large-scale drywall projects. In fact, over the last three decades, UBG has earned a reputation as one of the best drywall subcontractors in the industry. Some of the top general contractors all over the country turn to UBG first when they have a large-scale, complex building that needs significant drywall installation. So what makes UBG such an excellent drywall subcontractor?

1. Safety Is Always Number One

Because we care about our workers, our partners’ trust, and our on-the-job performance, we make safety the number one priority in everything we do. Through education, training, procedures, and accountability, we’ve established an excellent safety track record in the industry, which is especially important when dealing with the size of the projects UBG manages on daily basis. When choosing a good drywall contractor, commitment to safety should always be considered.

2.  We Know Drywall

When drywall isn’t installed properly, it can not only have an aesthetic impact, it can actually result in damage to the structural integrity of the building. Damaged drywall can lead to wall weakening, health issues from odors and mold, wire exposure, and a loss of energy efficiency. The larger the building, the larger the issues and the more expensive they are to repair. 

In order to prevent damage and ensure the longevity of your interior, you need to ensure your drywall is installed with precision by a high-quality subcontractor like UBG. A bad drywall installation will lead to issues much sooner.

3. We Manage Projects With Precision

We precisely manage every project we take on, and we settle for no less than perfection. From bidding to project planning to staffing, we do a significant amount of work upfront to ensure we’re prepared from day one and we’re ready to handle any problems that pop up along the way. Our ability to leverage industry technology combined with our skills and expertise allows us to manage projects with exceptional attention to detail.

Our clients and general contractors can expect UBG to provide a single team that is dedicated to the project from start through completion to ensure we’re 100% integrated into the project plans and no details are lost. We show up every day ready to do our very best work.

4. We Have A Solid, Experienced Team

The team at UBG consists of some of the very best contractors in the industry. Our group of industry veterans have specialized training, decades of experience, and the skills needed to complete massive projects with ease. Not to mention our leadership team who bring a combined 75+ years of diverse commercial construction experience to the table, and who have created a client and partner-focused culture of professionalism, innovation, collaboration, and fun.

5. We Complete Our Work On-Time and On-Budget

We know our general contractors are under pressure to get projects completed on-time and on-budget, so we always make sure we do our part. We have overcome just about every challenge that could possibly be thrown at us on a job site. We come to the table with solutions, not excuses.

Because of our expert project management team, internal preparation practices, excellent safety record, and decades of experience, we know how to stick to a project timeline, and we know how to accurately bid a project.

6 . We’re Really Good At Big Projects

There is no drywall project too large or too complicated for our team at Unique Building Group. In fact, GC’s seek out UBG specifically for complex projects that require outside of the box thinking, creativity, and dedication. Don’t believe us? Read about the 45,000 square feet of drywall we installed at the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center in Otay Mesa. Not big enough? How about the 900,000 square feet of drywall we installed at the AC Hotel Palo Alto?

UBG isn’t just an excellent drywall subcontractor, we’re also an excellent partner. We care about our work and the impact it has on our communities. We also care about our clients, our relationships, and our reputation. All of these things drive us to be the very best at what we do. If you need a dedicated partner for a big drywall project, get in touch with us today.