We work with builders who aren't afraid to think big.

Unique Building Group provides building envelope solutions for commercial General Contractors. Throughout our 30-years of business, we have earned a reputation for completing every job right, on-time, and on-budget.


There are no special projects or challenges we won’t take on or are capable of managing.


Our entrepreneurial drive keeps us on the leading edge of technology and material applications.


We take a hands-on approach to project management and always deliver excellence.

Exceptional attention to detail.

We combine advanced technology and experienced team members to deliver high-quality results safely, within budget, and on-time.

Framing & Drywall

Structural and non-structural light gauge framing and gypsum wallboard assemblies. Light gauge metal trusses.

Rainscreen Systems

Unique aesthetic options create the ability for spectacular visual results with long-term protection from today’s harsh elements.

Lath, Plaster and EIFS

High performance insulated cladding solutions such as EIFS, stucco, air and water-resistant barriers with standard and engineered specialty finishes.

Coatings & Decorative Finishes

Quality-assured interior and exterior painting, wall coverings, FRP, and more that provide a full envelope of service to our clients.

Residential waterfront and mixed use complex.

Block 19 is a luxury apartment complex, multi-level parking structure, and retail space located minutes from the ocean in Oceanside, California.

  • 540k lft of light gauge steel studs and 200K lft of light gauge track
  • 120k ft2 of acrylic plaster
  • 15k ft2 of Nichia vintage wood panel system

Innovative business campus.

Flight at Tustin Legacy is a multi-functional site that includes a food hall, indoor and outdoor meeting space, and conference facilities on over 20 acres.

  • 7 major structures totaling over 300k ft2
  • 1,000,000 ft2 of drywall installed
  • 700k lft of light gauge steel studs and 160k lft of light gauge track
  • 250k ft2 of acrylic plaster

Luxury clubhouse and penthouses.

Bighorn Golf Club’s newly built clubhouse and penthouses are the pinnacle of luxury living and playing in Palm Desert, California.

  • 300k lft of light gauge steel studs and 75k lft of light gauge track
  • 400k ft2 of drywall installed
  • 2,000,000 lbs of structural steel, 1,000,000 lbs of rebar, and 95k cubic feet of concrete

Strong, Experienced Leadership

Started by brothers Richard and Paul Thompson in 1990, Unique Building Group’s leadership team has evolved to include a diverse and experienced team of industry professionals. Our personal commitment to quality and respect for a client’s needs is shared from the top down.


We act and behave with integrity and honesty. We promote a respectful work environment and foster continuous professional development.


We challenge ourselves every day to achieve excellence by finding innovative solutions for our clients.


Teamwork is how we achieve our results. Everyone knows and understands his/her role and is approachable at all levels.


We live our mission every day with a strong belief that results can be achieved when people do their jobs enthusiastically.

Started by brothers Richard and Paul Thompson in 1990, Unique Building Group’s leadership team has evolved to include a diverse and experienced team of industry professionals. Our personal commitment to quality and respect for a client’s needs is shared from the top down.

Shane Truesdale

Director –Coatings Division

As our knowledgeable and ambitious Coatings Division Director, Shane Truesdale has spent the last 18 years rising from an entry-level painter position to achieve the esteemed position he has today.

He has learned the importance of process management, field management, accurate timely estimating, vendor relations, and client relations. As he sharpened his experience in the painting world, knowledge in other trades and finishes was naturally fostered. These include wall coverings, wall protection systems, FRP, specialty coatings, floor/deck coatings, and even drywall.

Being able to provide existing and future clients with a full range of services with a can-do attitude has always given him a sense of pride and he is excited to bring his determination and expertise to UBG!

Ramon Hermosillo

Sr. Estimator / Project Manager

Ramon or Ray has been with Unique Building Group for more than 20 years. Ray started as an apprentice plasterer and worked his way through the ranks. His attention to detail and self-motivation quickly moved him into the role of Plasterer and Plaster foreman. Ray ran many of the company’s most important projects and demonstrated his proficiency with management of both people and the project’s themselves. After many years in that role, Ray pushed for an opportunity to move into the office and to take his career in a new direction. Ray’s vast knowledge of infield application and his understanding of computer technology allowed him to settle into his new role as Jr. Estimator very quickly. Ray’s attention to detail was clear to everyone and his approach to complex detailed estimates allowed him to continue to move forward with his career to his current position of Senior Estimator / Project Manager. Ray’s special understanding of Rainscreen systems has seen him shift toward our special projects division as the exterior envelopes of modern buildings become more and more complex together with multi finish options. Ray’s overall knowledge of the Construction process makes him a valued asset and plays an essential role in his ability to provide Value Engineering when needed but still being able to assure the client ultimately achieves the original design requirements.

Harry Gallagher

Chief Estimator

Mark Ayers

General Superintendent

An experienced and precision-driven field executive, Mark Ayers’ role as General Superintendent, simply put, is to make certain all projects are delivered on-time and on-budget every time and without exception. Mark’s near five decades long career in construction provides a level of client confidence that only time affords.

Prior to joining Unique Building Group in 2005, Mark spent nearly 25 years with Calescon – a San Diego drywall subcontractor. At Calescon he started working in the field and quickly rose through the ranks to Foreman and later Superintended running all work in Southern California.

Throughout his career at Unique Building Group, Mark has successfully managed over 250M in project work and since his promotion to General Superintendent in 2019, Mark has systematically repositioned field leadership to focus on safety, quality, and timeliness.

Michael Marasco

Director of Construction

A results-oriented and dedicated construction management executive, Mike Marasco’s role as Director of Construction charges him with the oversight of all project management and estimating functions as well as ultimate accountability for project success.

Mike’s 30-year career in construction has given him direct experience in nearly all key functional areas to include field operations, project management, and estimating. Before joining Unique Building Group, Mike spent his career working for several successful Southern California drywall subcontractors as both a Project Manager and Estimator. He also brings with him General Contractor experience where he most recently was a Senior Project Manager with Cannon Constructors South.

Mike holds a degree from Macomb College in Warren, Michigan and is a Certified Project Manager through Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Michelle McNamara

Chief Administrative Officer

A determined and passionate leader, Michelle McNamara’s role as Chief Administrative Officer has her running all UBG corporate operations to include finance and accounting, human resources, safety, and office management. With an unshakable focus on continuous improvement, Michelle dissects areas for company growth through the analysis of data, trends, and outcomes.

During her 15 years at Unique Building Group Michelle has helped shape the company into the industry leader it is today.

Michelle holds a degree in Accounting from Mira Costa College in San Diego, California.

Paul Thompson

Chief Operating Officer

An energetic and formidable construction operations professional, Paul Thompson’s role as COO is to ensure all company processes are designed and implemented to be efficient, effective, and exceed expectations. He is equally passionate about nurturing relationships and building long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Paul started his construction career in London where he was responsible for field management of 200 employees for his father’s family-owned structural waterproofing company. During his 10 years at the company he helped guide the firm’s growth and development while establishing strong working relationships with John Mowlem & Company, Bovis Home, and Balfour Beatty Construction. Paul moved to the United States in 1989 and after establishing himself in the construction industry in San Diego, he co-founded Unique Building Group in 1990.

Paul attended South Thames College in London where he studied Construction Management.

Richard Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

A decisive and strategic thinker, Richard Thompson’s role as CEO is centered around leading UBG into the future. Passionate about design and innovation, Richard focuses on identifying design, construction and market trends and working thoughtfully to develop and sustain key industry relationships and partnerships.

Richard grew up around the construction business learning the trade from his father’s structural waterproofing business in the United Kingdom. He began his own construction career with John Mowlem & Company, a global construction firm based in England, where he worked as a Senior Purchasing Manager procuring supplies and negotiating subcontracts for multimillion-dollar construction projects. He later moved to the United States and co-founded Unique Building Group in 1990.

Richard holds a degree in Construction Management from the North East Surrey College of Technology in Epsom, England.