What Are The Safety Precautions That UBG Takes Even Before They Get On The Job Site?

Despite major improvements in safety standards over the last several decades, commercial construction still has a reputation for being one the most dangerous industries. Injuries and deaths continue to occur because construction firms fail to meet and implement basic safety standards required by OSHA. As a result, over 1,000 deaths still happen in the industry every year. 

In 2021, fall protection in construction was the number one most cited OSHA standard for the entire year. Ladder citations were number three, and eye and face protection were number eight. With construction citations remaining elevated, it’s clear that many construction contractors and subcontractors do not have the right safety standards and procedures in place to ensure worker safety.

At Unique Building Group (UBG), safety is non-negotiable. We have developed an internal construction safety program that far exceeds OSHA standards, which has led to an excellent safety record. When it comes to safety, anything short of excellent is inadequate. Much of the work we do to mitigate safety risk starts before we even step foot on the job site. This is just one of the many reasons why general contractors feel confident partnering with UBG. Here are some of the safety precautions we take before stepping on the job site:

1. We Require Robust Safety Education And Training

A good safety program starts with education and instruction. From year-round safety training classes, annual safety conferences and seminars, and classroom sessions, we invest a lot in our employees to develop a strong educational foundation in safety protocols and best practices. This education helps prepare our workers for real-life scenarios that they may experience on the job.

In addition to regular instruction, our teams go through hands-on training courses, plus they earn all the necessary certifications required to perform their duties. At UBG, all foremen are a minimum OSHA 30 trained and all project leads are a minimum OSHA 10 trained. We also conduct year-round safety training with M2 training.

Through robust and consistent education and training, our workers are able to develop good safety habits that help protect them and others while working on the job.

2. We’ve Developed A Culture Of Accountability

A large part of UBG’s excellent construction safety record comes from our internal culture. We have an expectation of accountability that is set by our leadership team and is adopted by every estimator, project lead, safety manager, and foreman. Each and every one of us has a role to play in maintaining an excellent safety record, and we all take that responsibility very seriously.

3. We Maintain Our Equipment

Faulty equipment is a common cause of job site injuries and fatalities. As a result, we have protocols in place to ensure adequate testing and maintenance of all tools and machinery we use on the job site. This helps us avoid on-the-job surprises by ensuring our equipment works as expected. If renting equipment, we always test it to ensure proper functioning before bringing it to the job site.

4. We Invest In Safety Technology

Technology plays a major role in maintaining an excellent safety record. Our workers use on-the-job communication tools for ensuring everyone is aware of job site hazards at all times. We also use software to document, track, and communicate construction safety hazards and incidents. In order to gain a holistic view of the entire job site, we use drones to capture detailed images that help us identify potential safety issues before we even begin working. Not to mention we’re constantly evaluating new commercial construction safety technology to determine how we can protect our workers even more.

5. We Know The Importance Of Communication

Before we begin work each day, we review any potential construction safety hazards identified by our safety manager. We also use this time to discuss safety topics and the appropriate way to use personal protective equipment (PPE). By holding regular safety meetings on and off the job site, we can keep our procedures top of mind. Our safety managers are also trained to evaluate changing environments and quickly identify and communicate hazards to the entire team.

How UBG’s Commitment To Construction Safety Positively Impacts Job Performance

At UBG, large-scale, complex projects are our specialty. We install several hundreds of thousands of square feet of framing and drywall every month. When working on projects as large and complicated as the ones we manage every day, there are unique challenges that can create extra safety risks.  

Creating a safe working environment is not only crucial for our workers and partners, but it’s also essential for our performance operations. Job site accidents can lead to lengthy project delays and costly fines. Therefore, we’ve made our commitment to maintaining a strong safety record a core part of our business model. In order to keep our projects on-track and on-budget, we have to reduce or eliminate workplace safety incidents. It’s not only a commitment we make to our partners and clients, it’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

While many subcontractors fail to meet basic OSHA safety standards, UBG far exceeds them. Nothing is more important to us than safety on a job site, which is why we continue to set a high standard for a workplace safety record. If you’re looking for a highly skilled drywall and framing subcontractor, contact UBG today. In addition to safety, we have a personal commitment to delivering quality results for our partners.