Here are the Ways that UBG Helps General Contractors Stay On-Time and On-Budget

In commercial construction, a strong reputation can take decades to build. However, it only takes one project to ruin it. Success in this industry is heavily centered around trust and relationships between general contractors and construction subcontractors. Strong partnerships between all stakeholders is the key to driving results for clients, especially when it comes to complex projects.

One of the reasons Unique Building Group (UBG) has become an industry leader in large-scale commercial framing and drywall solutions is because of the many strong partnerships we’ve built with some of the industry’s most talented general contractors. These partnerships weren’t built overnight, rather, they’re the result of over three decades of high-quality work. To sustain these partnerships, consistency is critical, and we have to perform well on each and every project.

So how do we maintain a sense of trust with our general contractors? By delivering work on-time and on-budget, every time. Here are the secrets behind our success:

1. Safety Is Number One

Safety is always the most important priority at UBG for several reasons. First, we care about the health and well-being of our workers and their families. Second, safety is crucial for maintaining industry trust, and third, safety is essential for keeping projects on track. Workplace construction accidents, injuries, and fatalities can be devastating for our teams, and they can also lead to costly delays. At UBG, our safety procedures and training are industry-leading and far exceed required minimums. 

2. We’re An Extension Of Our Partner’s Team

When working on a project, we don’t operate in a silo. While we’re always laser-focused on our work, we’re only successful if the overall project is successful. Therefore, we partner very closely with our general subcontractors and other construction subcontractors to do everything we can to keep the entire project on-time and on-budget. We view ourselves as part of our general contractor’s team, so we hold ourselves to the same standards that our GCs hold themselves. This often means being flexible and adaptable when challenges inevitably pop-up. From stepping out of sequence in order to support a project timeline or taking accountability for estimating mistakes, we’re dedicated to the project as a whole, not just our individual piece. 

3. We Prioritize Communication

When working with UBG, you can expect your project team to remain consistent throughout the duration of the project. This is because an effective communication strategy is so important for keeping projects on schedule. One of the first things we do before a project is work with all stakeholders to establish the right communication cadence. How will daily progress updates be communicated? How will teams notify each other of delays? Will there be regular project status meetings to keep everyone on the same page? Communication is easier when you have strong relationships with general contractors and other construction subcontractors, and we believe keeping one project team in place throughout the whole project is step one towards building those relationships.

4. We Leverage The Right Suite Of Tools

Technology is constantly improving the way we work as new industry-changing solutions for safety, project management, and estimating launch every year. Construction subcontractors who aren’t quick to adopt software and technology will quickly fall behind At UBG, we’re constantly evaluating technology to ensure our teams are equipped with the right suite of tools to adequately perform.

  • Staying on Schedule: PlanGrid is the software we use to keep projects on schedule. This platform keeps project-critical information at the fingertips of everyone who needs it so decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. This robust project management platform allows us to schedule sequencing, track issues, manage milestones, share documents, digitize blueprints, and collaborate with other teams on the job.
  • Staying on Budget: Plexxis powers UBG’s ability to bid jobs accurately, estimate projects, manage costs, and reduce the likelihood of unexpected expenses. This cloud-based software is the perfect platform to keep construction subcontractors functioning as a cohesive, efficient unit.
  • Delivering High-Quality Results: When working on complex projects, detail is everything. It’s never been easier to capture highly detailed images of project sites. We leverage wearable technology and drones to capture every detail of our work and ensure we’re delivering the very best results.

3 Examples Of On-Time, On-Budget Projects Involving UBG

We can continue to tell you about all the ways we help our GC’s complete successful projects, but our portfolio of projects tells the story for us. Here are three (of many) recent examples of how UBG partnered with an industry-leading GC to successfully complete a large-scale commercial project:

  • Veterans’ Affairs Outpatient Center with Lusardi Construction
    One of our favorite projects over the last year, UBG provided framing for this 176K sqft facility. This project required UBG and our partners to get creative when it came time to transform a former concrete bunker and vault room into an outpatient hospital. Due to our ability to get creative and handle large-scale construction, we worked to come up with a solution while successfully kept the project on-time and on-budget despite the sheer magnitude and complexity of this project.
  • AC Hotel Palo Alto with T2 Hospitality 
    An elegantly designed hotel with 144 guest rooms, T2 Development turned to UBG for drywall and framing partially due to this building’s unique design. We completed 31,000 sqft of framing and 900,000 sqft of drywall on-time.
  • Encinitas Beach Resort with Suffolk Construction
    A spectacularly designed building with a stunning view, we knew the Encinitas Beach Resort would be right in our wheelhouse. We worked closely with Suffolk Construction to complete 120,000 sqft of drywall and 60,000 sqft of framing right on schedule. 

You don’t get the opportunity to work on some of the most beautifully designed buildings on the west coast without a strong reputation for delivering results. If you’re looking for a construction subcontractor for your complicated commercial project, Unique Building Group is the firm for you. We specialize in structural and non-structural light truss framing, gypsum wallboard assemblies, and light gauge metal trusses. Contact us today!