What Types of Projects Has UBG Successfully Completed?

Unique Building Group (UBG) has been an industry leader in commercial framing for several decades, but we’re not your run-of-the-mill subcontractor. Our work centers around large, complex construction projects that other subcontractors won’t touch. This is why general contractors all over the country turn to UBG to tackle some of the biggest jobs. Since we’ve developed a reputation as the industry experts in complex construction, our partners often rely on us to come up with innovative framing solutions for some truly unique building designs.

Wondering if UBG is the right framing subcontractor for your project? If it’s a massive, challenging job, then the answer is yes. Keep reading to learn more about UBG’s areas of expertise and some examples of truly unique large-scale projects that our team completed last year.

We’re The Best At What We Do

When it comes to commercial construction, UBG specializes in large-scale interior and exterior work. Our typical projects involve construction of buildings larger than 75,000 sqft, and our primary areas of expertise include:

  • Framing And Drywall
    We’re the best in the industry at large-scale exterior framing and interior drywall projects. 500K sqft of light gauge framing and 1 million sqft of drywall is a regular day at the office for our team. When choosing UBG for framing and drywall, you’ll get high-quality results delivered on-budget and on-time, every time.
  • Cladding Solutions & Panel Systems
    We’re able to efficiently install high-performance cladding solutions with water-resistant barriers, and we also specialize in lath, plaster, and EIFS finishes. 
  • Rainscreen Systems
    We install large-scale rainscreens and weather systems that not only protect buildings but also blend in seamlessly with the overall aesthetic design.

One of the reasons UBG is able to handle massive projects is because of our veteran leadership team. UBG was founded by brothers Richard Thompson and Paul Thompson, who have collectively accumulated several decades of experience. Together, they’ve built a culture that prioritizes safety, professionalism, quality, and hard work — the primary ingredients for a successful commercial construction firm. We also know our entire business is built on relationships, which is why our leadership team takes a hands-on approach to every project. When it comes to the final product, we won’t settle for anything less than the very best.

Examples Of Our Work

If you’re trying to decide whether UBG is the right fit for your project, we recommend taking a look at the size, scale, and complexity of some of the projects we’ve completed over the past year. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • 5950 Jefferson
    The architecture of this best-in-class 4-story creative office space and parking garage near Culver City consists of stacked, shifting boxes centered around a reinforced concrete structure. The building is also equipped with exterior cement panels and floor-to-ceiling glass. Overall, 5950 Jefferson is more than 80,000 square feet. As part of this project, UBG installed over 75,000 sqft of drywall and 15,000 sq ft of framing. All-in-all, this is a beautiful office building with great views of the Pacific Ocean to the west and Hollywood to the north.
  • AC Hotel – Palo Alto
    UBG partnered with T2 Development on this modern and elegant 5-story hotel with 144 guest rooms, meeting space, and a beautiful patio. In total, we installed 31,000 sqft of metal stud framing across this building’s sleek exterior and 900,000 sqft of interior drywall as part of this $8.5 million project. This building’s unique exterior elements made it a fun job!
  • Encinitas Beach Resort
    We installed 60,000 sqft of framing and 120,000 sqft of drywall at this spectacular oceanfront resort and hotel. Suffolk selected UBG for this job based on our ability to manage this type of complex framing as well as our reputation for delivering results while staying within budget. The resort has 130 guest rooms showcasing spectacular coastal views and the building itself is a unique blend of stone and wood.
  • The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center
    One of our favorite projects of this past year was The Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center in Otay Mesa. The massive building serves as an important community asset and resource for those suffering from substance addictions. As part of this project, UBG installed 5,000 sqft of framing and 45,000 sqft of drywall. The rehab center consists of residential lodging, a cafeteria, classroom space, and more. We always love working on new buildings that help improve the lives of others.
  • San Diego VA Clinic
    UBG was proud to play an important role in this $22.2 million project that supports those who have served. The brand new San Diego VA clinic helps between 600 and 800 veterans per day. UBG installed metal stud framing, drywall, and lath & plaster on this building which expands well over 8 acres.

At UBG, we love working on huge buildings with truly unique aesthetic designs and innovative architecture. We also love working on buildings that make a difference in the communities we support.

Not all framing subcontractors are able to handle large-scale construction because many lack the experience, skills, and expertise. When choosing UBG for your complex construction project you can rest easy knowing you made the right choice. If your firm is looking to partner with a new large-scale framing subcontractor, get in touch with UBG today.