How Unique Building Group Provides Safe, Envelope Building Solutions For Commercial GCs

At Unique Building Group (UBG), every single one of our commercial GC partners and their clients have unique needs when it comes to building envelope solutions. Since no two projects are exactly alike, our team of professionals is used to managing complex construction projects and being flexible and adaptable to our client’s needs. Thanks to our 30+ years of industry experience, we’re also prepared to make recommendations on materials and processes that lead to the best possible project outcomes.

Thanks to our industry expertise, veteran leadership, and talented team we’ve developed a track record of providing safe, high-quality envelope building solutions on-time and on-budget. Below are a few ways we are continually meeting the needs of our clients:

We Prioritize Safety And Compliance

Our excellent safety track record, robust training programs, and attention to detail have earned us a reputation for being one of the safest, most organized, and most compliant subcontractors on the market today. Not only do we have rigorous safety standards while on the job, but safety training is also an integral part of our company culture. We’re constantly evaluating new technology solutions that improve our training programs and keep our workers safe. With such an emphasis on training, our GC partners can be confident that working with a firm that sets an incredibly high bar for safety standards.

We Adapt To Project Changes

We know that complex construction projects don’t always go as planned, which is why our team remains flexible and focused on every client project. Whether it’s a last-minute change to project specifications, or a request to step outside of our normal construction sequence, we’re always happy to make necessary accommodations to speed up project plans, save money, or meet a client’s needs.

We’re Industry Leaders

Our passion for innovation and entrepreneurial drive means that we’re constantly staying ahead of the latest technology, design trends, material applications, and more. We’re experts on building envelope solutions and we settle for nothing less than excellence. Not only do we have experience, but we love what we do. As a result, we’ve developed strong relationships with many of the top commercial GCs in California.

We’re Experts At Complex Projects

We are always working tirelessly to bring to life the visions of engineers and designers — no matter how complex the project may be. Our client’s vision is our number one priority. Not only are we capable of handling complex construction designs, but our expertise and knowledge of building envelope solutions allows us to recommend the best materials and solutions that meet our client’s needs. Large buildings, unique structures, curved walls — there is really nothing our team can’t handle.

Our Services

At Unique Building Group, we build innovative building envelope solutions for our GC’s and their clients. Some of our services include:

  • Framing & Drywall – We specialize in structural and non-structural light gauge steel framing and large-scale drywall projects
  • Rainscreen Systems – We build and implement aesthetically pleasing commercial rainscreen systems that protect buildings from rain, ice, and UV rays.
  • Specialty Exterior Finishes – We implement high-quality cladding solutions including lath, plaster, stucco, and EIFS with a number of specialty exterior finishes.

Examples Of Our Work

For the last 30 years, UBG has provided building envelope solutions for dozens of GCs and clients across California. Below are some examples that highlight our firm’s dedication to innovation, precision, and reliability.

  • Block 19 – This residential waterfront and mixed-use complex consists of an apartment building, parking deck, and retail space. UBG was responsible for installing light gauge metal framing, drywall, EIFS, and specialty Nichia composite panels. During this project, we reordered our normal construction sequence so costly fall-protection measures could be eliminated and a faster timeline could be supported
  • Flight At TustinThis beautifully designed business campus contains office space, conference rooms, and a large parking garage. The design plans called fora  30-foot storefront without kickers. Our innovative team partnered with project engineers to develop a solution that involved window openings with cold-formed framing box headers. Through our collaborative efforts and creative thinking, we were able to come up with a perfect solution while keeping the project on track.
  • Bighorn Golf Clubhouse and Penthouses – This 80,000 square-foot clubhouse serves as a great example of UBG’s comfort with large-scale projects. Not only was this building large, but it also had rounded shapes on both the interior and exterior, which made it tough to use ACM panels as planned. UBG recommended EIFS since they’re easier to install on curved walls and don’t diminish the building’s beauty and design. The recommendation not only saved the client money, but it allowed us to complete the installation in less time and finish the project sooner than anticipated.

At UBG, we love large-scale, innovative projects and are always on the lookout for GC’s and partners who aren’t afraid to think big. If you’re looking for a building envelope subcontractor that prioritizes safety, quality, and innovation, get in touch with us today.