Why Unique Building Group’s Diverse, Experienced Leadership Team Matters

When selecting a subcontractor for a major commercial construction project, the importance of good experience and strong leadership can’t be overstated. A strong leadership team is capable of navigating complex situations as they arise and mitigating issues that could have a negative impact on the overall project. Partnering with an inexperienced firm is more likely to lead to simple mistakes, which can quickly turn into massive project delays or unanticipated expenses.

At Unique Building Group, the diversity and experience of our leadership team are just some of the many factors that set us apart. Our firm was founded by brothers Richard Thompson and Paul Thompson, who have drawn on years of experience to create a company culture that is committed to providing quality work and respecting each of our clients’ needs. By building a leadership team comprised of industry veterans, our firm is equipped to tackle the most complex commercial envelope solutions.

About Our Leadership Team

  • Richard Thompson, Chief Executive Officer – Richard has over 30 years of commercial construction experience in the UK and the US as well as a construction management degree from North East Surrey College of Technology.  With his expertise in design, innovation, client services, and procurement, he has helped build Unique Building Group from the ground up and continues to push the organization towards the future.
  • Paul Thompson, Chief Operating Officer – Prior to co-founding Unique Building Group in 1990, Paul spent 10 years managing over 200 employees at his father’s structural waterproofing in the United Kingdom. At UBG, he builds and manages all of the company’s internal processes and operations. Paul studied Construction Management at South Thames College in London.
  • Michelle McNamara, Chief Administrative Officer – For 15 years, Michelle has worked to transform Unique Building Group into a competitive industry leader by continuously improving various areas of the business. Through staffing, safety, accounting, and office management, Michelle’s business leadership has helped the firm grow into the high-performing organization it is today. 

What UBG’s Leadership Team Brings To The Table

Unique Building Group’s customers, partners, and employees all benefit from the firm’s strong leadership team and our commitment to excellence. Here are three reasons why our leadership is a differentiator in the commercial construction industry.

We Have Extensive Experience

One of the best ways a general subcontractor can manage risk and satisfy their clients is by selecting subcontractors that know how to do the job right and can get it done on-time. As a result, few things are more important in the commercial construction industry than experience, trust, and reputation.

Unique Building Group was founded in 1990 and has since become known as one of the best commercial building envelope contractors in California. One of the reasons behind its success is the culture and commitment established by its leadership. Through experience, the team has learned what creates a successful construction company culture, and as a result has worked to incorporate professionalism, innovation, collaboration, and fun into its day-to-day operations. Few industries are as dependent on effective teamwork as commercial construction, which is why we’ve worked to heavily ingrain cooperation and communication into our culture and processes.

CEO Richard Thompson and COO Paul Thompson have both been involved in commercial construction leadership since the late 1980s when they worked for their father’s structural waterproofing company in the United Kingdom. This experience, combined with 30+ years as the leaders of Unique Building Group, means the two brothers have developed quite a track record of success over the course of their careers.

In addition to Richard and Paul, Unique Building Group’s safety operations are managed by Michelle McNamara who has served as the company’s Chief Administrative Officer for over 15 years. Under Michelle’s leadership, the company has seen strong performance and growth that has shaped it into an industry leader today. Michelle’s ongoing focus on continuous improvement is one of the many things that has helped the firm stay ahead of the curve.

We Come From Diverse Construction Backgrounds

Diversity is an important characteristic of any leadership team. Combining multiple perspectives from different backgrounds is often key to problem-solving and taking on complex construction projects. At Unique Building Group, our leadership team’s diverse backgrounds allow us to effectively manage daily challenges and adapt to a wide range of project and industry issues. Our leaders have decades of experience in procurement, client management, safety, accounting, finance, and data analysis. As a result of our leadership team’s diverse background, we’re more than capable of meeting all of the complex needs of our customers. From large-scale buildings to innovative designs, no construction project is too complicated for our team.

We Know How To Serve Our Clients

Building strong relationships and trust are critical pieces of the commercial construction industry. Not only do we pride ourselves on our high-quality work, but we also strive to maintain strong partnerships with our general contractors and their clients. Our customers look to UBG as one of the most compliant, organized, and reliable subcontractors on the market.

With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve seen commercial construction trends evolve over time, and our experience and entrepreneurial mindset keep us at the forefront of industry technology. We’re constantly evaluating new solutions to improve the quality of our work and the safety of our employees.

Most importantly, we know what it means to deliver high-quality work to our customers. Our leadership team takes a hands-on approach to every customer project and we won’t settle for anything less than excellence. 

At Unique Building Group, our leadership team’s experience, diversity, and customer service skills have earned us a reputation for completing projects on-time and on-budget. While we know that many projects ultimately come down to the price and bid, we believe our leadership experience gives us a solid edge on the competition and has allowed us to develop strong partnerships with some of the leading general contractor firms in California.

If you’re a general contractor looking for a commercial construction subcontractor that specializes in building complex envelope solutions, contact us today. Our leadership team would be happy to precisely manage your project to ensure we deliver the results your company expects!