Block 19

Oceanside, California

The high-end apartment complex, parking deck, and retail spaces that form Block 19 are a part of the planned transformation of downtown Oceanside, California. Ryan Companies hired UBG to perform Light Gauge Metal Framing, Drywall, EIFS and specialty Nichia composite panels. We successfully completed the project with innovation and precision.

  • 540k lft of light gauge steel studs and 200k lft of light gauge track
  • 120k ft2 of acrylic plaster
  • 15k ft2 of Nichia vintage wood panel system

Our client needed a solution.

Timing is everything in construction, so when the general contractor of this project asked us to step out of our normal construction sequence to help move the project forward faster, we were happy to oblige. Our actions would advance the schedule and save money while maintaining a safe work environment for everyone.

UBG was flexible and focused.

We framed and sheathed parapet walls on the roof before the deck forms were removed. This change of plans eliminated the need for expensive fall-protection measures and enabled other subcontractors to work on the roof at an earlier than anticipated date.

Excellence was achieved.

The timing of our parapet wall construction created an added layer of safety for all the other subcontractors on the job. Additionally, it saved the contractor money and enabled interior work to begin earlier than originally planned. We work hard to balance quality and safety on our builds.