Flight at Tustin

Tustin, California

Located in Tustin, California, Flight at Tustin is a sprawling business campus spread out over 20 acres. This unique facility includes business offices, conference spaces, and a large free-standing parking garage. Our team leaned heavily on creativity and engineering to build this one-of-a-kind space for Suffolk.

  • 7 major structures totaling over 300k ft2
  • 1,000,000 ft2 of drywall installed
  • 700k lft of light gauge steel studs and 160k lft of light gauge track
  • 250k ft2 of acrylic plaster

30 foot tall design challenges.

The job of any trade is to help bring the visions of talented engineers and designers to life while working inside the bounds of safe and sustainable construction practices. When the Flight at Tustin design team shared their vision for 30 foot storefront openings without kickers we knew we’d have to get creative.

We engineer ideas into reality.

We worked closely with a team of engineers to come to a solution that would meet the design aesthetic and the safety requirements simultaneously. The window openings were designed without kickers using large, cold formed framing box headers.

Form and function, together.

Ultimately, through the use of creative problem solving, and by partnering with a talented team of engineers, we were able to provide the customer with the product they wanted in a way that met building codes. Flight at Tustin is themed around innovation and creativity, and we brought those themes to bear on this project.