Tools of the Trade: UBG Uses Top-Notch Programs to Keep Your Project On-Time and On-Budget

Over the last few decades, Unique Building Group (UBG) has earned a solid reputation in the industry for consistently completing projects on-time and on-budget. This recognition has allowed us to develop strong partnerships with some of the industry’s leading general contractors who frequently turn to us to handle complicated projects. To become a widely recognized large-scale framing subcontractor in the commercial construction industry, consistency is key. 

One of the ways we continue to drive great results project after project is through our ongoing investment in technology and our utilization of software programs that help streamline our operations. We know as technology continues to evolve, subcontractors who fail to adopt it will be left in the dust. Here are some of our top-notch tools of the trade that keep us competitive:

PlanGrid For Time Management

Making every second count while on the job is the key to delivering results. PlanGrid is a software that helps our teams stay on the same page while achieving effective time management skills day after day. Not only does it help us distribute tasks, it helps keep information at the fingertips of those who need it most. PlanGrid has also allowed us to go paperless. All documents, contracts, and reports are stored in the cloud. This software has truly enabled collaboration and it also allows us to avoid mistakes and duplicative work. PlanGrid is the number one tool that helps keep our teams ahead of schedule.

Plexxis For Project Management

Every subcontractor needs a good commercial construction project management software, and for UBG it is Plexxis. This platform is our end-to-end project management system that helps us manage all aspects of a job’s operations. In addition to scheduling work, Plexxis gives us the estimating tools to accurately bid on large-scale projects. In an industry where accurate bidding is essential, we trust this platform to keep help us create the best possible estimates for our partners.

Plexxis doesn’t just help with accurate bidding, it helps us monitor and predict expenses while on the job. By having estimating, invoicing, and accounting all in one platform, we’re able to work more efficiently and manage costs. Rarely does UBG miscalculate expenses, and if we do, we always own up to it.

Drones For Detailed Imaging

At UBG, we mostly work on large-scale commercial construction projects, so being able to obtain high-definition images at significant heights is critical for us. We leverage drones specifically designed for construction and infrastructure in order to ensure we’re seeing every element of the job site in great detail.

In order to remain competitive in the commercial construction industry, staying at the forefront of software and technology trends is critical. UBG is always looking for new opportunities to invest in tech to improve performance and safety on the job.

If you’re looking for a large-scale who has all the tools to get the job done right, then get in touch with us at Unique Building Group today. We’re one of the industry’s best-performing framing subcontractors and we’re committed to providing excellence to our clients every day.