4 Ways that UBG Differentiates Themselves from Other Complex Construction Subcontractors

Unique Building Group (UBG) isn’t your typical commercial subcontractor, and a huge part of our industry success has come from our ability to consistently differentiate ourselves from other subcontractors in the market. Our record for delivering great results on complex construction projects other contractors can’t touch is the reason why general contractors turn to UBG time and time again.

So what exactly makes UBG different? We’ve broken it down to four things: our unparalleled commitment to safety, our ongoing investment in technology, our ability to seamlessly manage large-scale projects, and our unwavering commitment to quality results. Below is a summary of each differentiator:

1. Our Unparalleled Commitment To Safety

You’d be hard-pressed to find a commercial subcontractor that is more committed to safety than UBG. Construction is a dangerous industry, and safety is not only important for our workers and their families, but it’s also critical for keeping our projects on-time and on-budget. Safety hazards pose a threat to the well-being of everyone who steps foot on the job site, and they also lead to costly delays. To keep everyone safe and operations running smoothly, we’ve implemented some of the following safety practices:

  • Regular Training and Instruction
    We make safety a habit. Our workers receive year-round safety education via M2 training. We also conduct safety training in the form of classes, conferences, seminars, and daily safety meetings. We do everything we can to ensure every one of our workers learns, understands, and implements safety procedures into their daily workflows. We also require all UBG foremen to be OSHA 30 trained and all project leads to be OSHA 10 trained at minimum.
  • We’re Accountable
    Every member of the UBG team, from foreman to safety managers to executives is accountable for safety. We all have a role to play and each of us contributes to UBG’s strong safety record.
  • We Communicate
    A large part of safety prevention is communication. Through daily meetings and cloud-based system access, we’re able to quickly report safety hazards in real time as they arise. 

2. Our Ongoing Investment In Technology

Every year new tech emerges that has the capability to drastically enhance the way we work. As a result, UBG is constantly scoping out new solutions that make us more productive and make our workers safer. From top-notch project management platforms to construction drones for imaging, we do what we can to stay at the forefront of industry trends and advancements in technology.

3. Our Ability To Manage Large-Scale Projects

There is no project too large or too complicated for UBG, and this really sets us apart. Complex construction is our specialty, and we’ve had the opportunity to work on some truly innovative buildings. Whether it’s 900,000 sqft of interior drywall on the AC Hotel in Palo Alto or 60,000 sqft of framing on the Encinitas Beach Resort, large drywall and framing are what we do every day. Many of the buildings we work on contain complex designs, which allows us to work with our partners to come up with creative solutions that meet the client’s needs while allowing us to remain on-budget.

4. Our Unwavering Commitment To Quality Results

You don’t earn a reputation like ours without consistently delivering quality results for a long time. However, we’re also aware that one bad project could damage our reputation. As a result of our technology, software, training, and work ethic, we’ve created an operation that is capable of delivering results with consistency. We’re 100% committed to every project we take on, and we won’t settle for anything less than exceptional results. 

Our People Are The Biggest Differentiator 

While these four items help differentiate UBG from other subcontractors, they all come as a result of one thing: our people. At UBG, our team is the biggest differentiator. Our leadership team (who has more than three decades of experience), our safety teams, and our workers on the job site all have the skills, professionalism, and integrity to manage complex construction. 

Complex construction calls for a different type of subcontractor — one who has the people needed to deliver high-quality results on-time and on-budget. If you need a world-class framing and subcontractor for your complex construction project, make UBG your number-one choice. Our ability to handle a large project combined with our unique creativity and problem-solving abilities helps our general contractors rest easy when we’re on the job.