How UBG Stays Organized While Managing Their Teams on Projects

As a leading framing and envelope solutions building subcontractor, Unique Building Group understands the importance of organization and time management on the job site.

In commercial construction, framing subcontractors often lead and set the pace for the rest of the project. Consequently, we know delays from our team can significantly impact the overall project timeline, create scheduling issues with other subcontractors, and result in costly delays for our general contractor partners.

As a complex framing subcontractor, it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re prepared on day one of every project in order to make the most of every minute on the job site and prevent costly delays and mistakes. 

UBG has earned a reputation for performing high-quality work on-time, and on-budget. To achieve this, we constantly evaluate our day-to-day processes, business practices, and technology to ensure we’re operating as efficiently as possible. Our leadership team works to implement effective strategies and solutions that keep our teams organized and operating efficiently. 

Below are just three of the many ways we keep our teams organized and working efficiently during each project:

Consistent And Accurate Billing Practices

There are many nuances and complexities to commercial construction billing, especially on a large project. We understand just how important it is to have an accurate and reliable billing process. Large over billings or under billings can cause balance sheet problems for both UBG and our general contractor partners, so we strive to do everything in our power to keep things as accurate as possible.

We use the percentage of completion (POC) billing method, which is regarded as the industry’s most accurate and reliable method for accruing costs during commercial construction projects. With this method, our revenue and billings are determined based on the percentage of completion relative to the overall contract price. We do everything in our power to bill as accurately as possible to avoid large over billings or under billings

PlanGrid Helps Us Track Tasks And Progress

Time is money, especially on a commercial construction job site. Every minute matters, so effective time management is a must. This is why UBG uses PlanGrid to track tasks, projects, share documents, and keep our teams on the same page throughout the duration of the project. With PlanGrid, paper documents are a thing of the past. This platform keeps our team working from the latest blueprint plans and project documents, which are stored securely in the cloud. By being able to easily collaborate on the same documents, we can easily avoid duplicative work and costly mistakes. 

One of the great things about PlanGrid is it can be used on any device from any location, so it keeps all relevant job information at our worker’s fingertips. 

By leveraging this software to help us track and schedule sequencing, we’re able to stay organized, ensure quality, and maximize our time on the job site.  PlanGrid helps us save time and money while keeping our teams well ahead of schedule.

Plexxis Is Our End-To-End Project Management Platform

While we use PlanGrid to improve time management and collaborate on a day-to-day basis, Plexxis is our end-to-end project management software that keeps us organized from start to finish. A good commercial construction project management platform is essential for managing all subcontractor operations, and Plexxis is one of the leading solutions in the industry. 

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our bids and our ability to manage costs throughout the project. One of the great things about Plexxis is it gives our estimating team the necessary tools to create precise bids and also allows UBG to manage our own internal costs with great accuracy.

Commercial construction project costs can be unpredictable, but with Plexxis, we can greatly reduce unexpected expenses and monitor accounting throughout the duration of the project. By being able to streamline estimating, invoicing, and accounting all in one platform, we can greatly reduce the chances of inaccurate bids. However, as a matter of policy, if we do make a mistake or underestimate an expense, it’s our fault. We do not pass financial consequences onto our partners. Thankfully, with Plexxis, these instances are few and far between. 

At UBG, we’ve earned a strong reputation as a leading building envelope solutions subcontractor due to our 30+ year track record of producing high-quality results. Our commitment to adopting industry best practices and investing in the latest technology solutions has helped our firm maximize our efficiency and organization, which gives us a competitive advantage. 

If you’re looking for a framing subcontractor for your complex commercial construction project, reach out to us at Unique Building Group today. Our hands-on management approach, exceptional attention to detail, and ability to think-big make us a reliable subcontractor partner.