5 Ways Unique Building Group Goes Over And Above For Their General Contractors

Strong relationships are a key part of the commercial construction industry, which is why Unique Building Group always goes above and beyond to serve the needs of our general contractors. In order to deliver high-quality results for each of our partners, we follow a rigorous process during each and every project to ensure our work is completed on time and on budget. 

With over 30 years of experience in complex commercial construction as well as a leadership team comprised of industry veterans, we’ve developed a track record of delivering high-quality results. This has ultimately earned us a strong reputation for being a reliable partner to general contractors and their clients.

We want all general contractors to know exactly what they’re getting into when working with Unique Building Group. If you’re considering a new framing subcontractor partnership, below are five ways we go above and beyond for our general contractors each and every time.

1. We Come Prepared

Our work begins long before our workers step foot on the job site. In commercial construction, adequate planning and preparation are essential for success. We invest significant time and resources preparing for each and every project so our team is ready for any and all challenges. By putting in the work upfront, our team can minimize issues and delays during construction. Below is just some of the work we do prior to kicking off any commercial job:

  • Kickoff Meetings – Kickoff meetings help all stakeholders align on logistics, establish a timeline, and document project risks and contingencies. Prior to every project, we attend any and all project kickoff meetings held by GCs and clients. We also conduct internal meetings to ensure our field teams are aligned on expectations before work begins.
  • Pre-Planning – We invest a significant amount of time aligning resources, safety gear, and project equipment to ensure our teams are ready to work on day one. All machinery is inspected, serviced, and ready to go in order to eliminate unforeseen issues or delays while we’re doing our work.
  • Plan Reviews – We review all project plans so our workers know exactly what’s required before beginning the work. We develop a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the project — not just our piece. 
  • Training – We hold extensive training sessions for our field teams before each project begins. Trainings include a review of the project plans, the timeline, as well as a thorough review of safety procedures and job site hazards. This allows us to ensure our teams are trained and ready to perform the work on day one.

2. We Set The Pace For The Project

Completing a project on time ultimately comes down to efficiency, scheduling, and timing. When a general contractor is orchestrating project components and subcontractors, they need to be certain they can rely on their partners to complete their work within a specified timeframe.

Since we specialize in framing and building envelope solutions, our team at Unique Building Group is used to leading the project and setting the pace. We know delays in framing can drastically jeopardize the overall project timeline and introduce scheduling complications for other subcontractors, which is why always strive to complete our work on time.

3. We’re All About Communication

General contractor/subcontractor relationships and successful commercial construction projects are built on strong communication. We know the sooner an issue is communicated, the faster teams can work together to find a solution. As a result, we keep our partners and their clients apprised of updates, progress, and potential delays on a daily basis to ensure there are no surprises along the way. We attend all project meetings and come prepared with solutions to potential roadblocks. 

Communication is also essential when it comes to commercial construction safety. We arm our workers with the necessary tools and training to communicate and document job site hazards or unsafe conditions, so all teams can be aware and take the necessary precautions. Our safety managers work closely with the project safety leads and other subcontractors to maintain a safe working environment for all parties.

We don’t just communicate problems, we work with our partners to come up with unique solutions. We’re used to adapting to changing project requirements and circumstances on the fly. Whether it’s reordering project sequences or finding a creative workaround to an issue, we’re always willing to step outside of our comfort zone to find a solution that helps move the project forward.

4. We Honor Our Commitments 

Our general contractors depend on us to fulfill our obligations, which is why we always stick to the terms of our bid and proposal. While some unexpected project delays and expenses can occur, we take full responsibility when our team is at fault, especially if it’s due to an inaccurate bid or estimate. We do not pass the financial consequences of our mistakes onto our partners. 

At Unique Building Group, we view our team as an extension of our GC partner’s team, so our success is ultimately tied to the project’s outcome. This is why we always go above and beyond to fulfill our obligations and honor our commitments. We’re not successful if you’re not successful. This sentiment is shared across our entire organization and is a principle that is ingrained in our company culture.

5. We Are Fair and Accurate In Our Bidding Process

When it comes to bidding on a project, Unique Building Group strives to be fair and accurate. To achieve this, we carefully review every detail in the ITB (invitation to bid) and ensure that we’re clear on all requirements before submitting a bid. 

Once we have a grasp of the project requirements, we always strive to negotiate with our general contractors to find terms that work for all parties. During negotiations, we remain mindful of our general contractor’s needs, budget, and obligations and try to be as fair and transparent as possible. We know how important accuracy is when it comes to estimates, so we deploy a thorough, refined bidding process for each and every project. Fair and accurate bidding is just another way we help our partners deliver high-quality results and keep projects on schedule and within budget.

As a commercial subcontractor, we’re only as successful as our general contractor partners, which is why we’re so focused on delivering results. Our commitment to excellence, quality, and reliability has earned us a reputation for being dependable and reliable across the industry.

If you’re looking for a subcontractor partner who specializes in framing, building envelope solutions, and complex construction, get in touch with Unique Building Group today.