Why it’s Important to Work with a Subcontractor that Prioritizes Safety

In order to maintain compliance, general contractors are responsible for coordinating with subcontractors to ensure a safe work site. This is much easier to accomplish when you choose a subcontractor that prioritizes construction safety. In a dangerous industry like commercial construction, maintaining a consistently strong safety record is crucial. On a daily basis, we must mitigate fall risks, electrocution risks, struck-by risks, and much more. Safety must always be the main focus, and it’s essential for protecting everyone who steps on the work site.

If you’re looking for subcontractors for your complex construction job, here are 4 reasons why it’s important to choose a company that prioritizes safety above all else:

1. Protecting Workers

An unsafe subcontractor isn’t just a hazard to themselves, they’re a hazard to other subcontractors, general contractors, clients, and anyone who walks onto the work site. Every team on the job, but especially the general contractor, is obligated to do everything possible to keep a safe working environment. Subcontractors that prioritize safety typically take a more proactive approach to risk management, which helps keep all workers and teams safe. By choosing safety-focused subcontractors, you can create a safe working environment for every team.

2. Maintaining Profitability

The primary purpose of construction safety is to keep workers safe while on the job; however, when it comes to maintaining a strong safety record, there are also financial incentives for both subcontractors and general contractors.

OSHA can and will fine general contractors if their subcontractors are operating out of compliance. General contractors are required to monitor for safety hazards and correct subcontractor deficiencies or they risk a hefty fine. On-the-job accidents can also expose both subcontractors and their general contractor partners to legal risk and other financial penalties. Not to mention accidents can lead to significant job delays, and job delays are expensive.

All of these consequences can quickly eat into the budget of any job. In order to maintain profitability on any job, selecting subcontractors that prioritize safety is your best way to manage risk.

3. Protecting Your Reputation

It can take decades to build a good reputation, but one bad accident can ruin it. Maintaining a good safety record is important for generating new business and protecting your reputation. Because subcontractors are viewed as an extension of your team, they have the ability to influence your reputation in the industry. Protect your brand and reputation by partnering with safe subcontractors.

4. Completing Project On-Time

Accidents can lead to disruptive delays and missed work, which can cause projects to fall short of deadlines. On the other hand, good safety standards help keep workers comfortable and supported, which can ultimately improve productivity. Employees tend to work much more efficiently when they’re not concerned about safety hazards. If you want to complete projects on time, choose subcontractors with solid construction safety records.

You won’t find a commercial framing subcontractor that cares more about construction safety than Unique Building Group (UBG). As one of the most well-known and well-respected firms in the industry, our safety standards are second to none. In addition to our rigorous safety requirements that far exceed OSHA standards, we’re constantly investing in new technology to help keep our workers safe. If you’re looking for a safe framing subcontractor, get in touch with us today.