UBG’s Envelope of Services – Drywall, Rainscreens, Exterior Painting, and More

A commercial building’s exterior is also known as its envelope. The quality of a building’s envelope is important for both durability and aesthetics. When it comes to complex construction projects or buildings with innovative designs, the quality and experience of the commercial subcontractor installing the framing or envelope solutions are paramount to project success. Quality building envelope solutions are critical for protecting a building’s longevity and reducing costly repairs.

At Unique Building Group (UBG), we’ve specialized in complex construction envelope solutions for more than 3 decades. Some of the industry’s most recognized general contractors turn to UBG for projects that general subcontractors don’t have the skills or expertise to handle. If you’re wondering whether UBG is right for your project, here are some of our building envelope specialties: 

Large-Scale Drywall Installation

Drywall is one of the most important components of a building’s envelope – it’s important for aesthetic design, structure, and energy efficiency. Its primary purpose is to cover interior walls as well as any pipes and electric work. Your typical large complex construction project requires a significant amount of drywall installation and UBG is equipped to handle the largest of projects.

The typical drywall subcontractor doesn’t have the ability to efficiently install a large volume of drywall. Doing so requires special tools, equipment, skills, and experience. However, large-scale drywall is one of the things UBG does best. Installing several hundred thousand sq ft of drywall is a regular day at the office for us.


When it comes to protecting a building’s exterior wall, commercial rainscreens are one of the most important components to the envelope. Rainscreens provide significant protection to the building’s exterior wall. They’re also an important design element.

Rainscreens consist of a cladding layer, a cavity, and protective barrier, and they’re installed on the exterior wall. These systems promote both drainage and airflow between the cavity and protective barrier, which helps eliminate water and moisture. Rainscreens also block wind, hail, and ice.

In addition to extending the lifespan of the exterior wall, rainscreens keep water out of the building, and they also help to regulate internal air temperature which increases a building’s energy efficiency. 

At UBG, we specialize in large rainscreen installations with unique aesthetic options that can easily match our client’s design requirements.

Exterior Painting

If a job calls for paint on the exterior walls, UBG handles complex exterior painting projects too. We work with clients and partners to determine the right type of paint and the right color scheme. From there, we’re able to quickly and efficiently apply paint at scale without sacrificing quality.

In addition to these services, UBG also does exterior cladding systems (stucco and EIFS) as well as coatings and decorative finishes. With our array of services, we’re more than capable of handling the majority of your building envelope needs — especially if it’s a big project. 

What To Expect When Working With UBG

When working with UBG, our partners know we’ll deliver our work on-time and on-budget. We’ve developed a track record for doing so over the last 30 years. We bring a degree of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and experience that you simply won’t find with other commercial subcontractors. There is no project too complicated for UBG.

Additionally, you won’t find a contractor that prioritizes safety more than UBG. Keeping our teams safe on the job is our biggest commitment. Our best-in-class safety standards and training help us maintain a solid safety record.

If you need the very best framing, drywall, or rainscreen subcontractor in the business for your complex construction project, contact us at UBG today.