Why Adhering to the Timeline and Budget of a Project in the Complex Construction Industry is Important

Complex construction projects are sort of like a symphony. Everyone involved must perform their part at exactly the right time to achieve the desired outcome. If one group doesn’t deliver what they need to do when they need to do it, it can throw the entire sequence off.

Large, complex construction projects rely on a carefully crafted series of events that are executed by skilled, commercial subcontractors. To ensure an entire construction project is successfully completed according to plan, all teams involved must deliver their part of the project without delays or additional expenses. General contractors can minimize the risk of project delays and additional expenses by choosing subcontractors they can trust.

The Importance Of A Construction Timeline

Each phase of construction has to be done in a specific order, so the project timeline is one of the first things established by a general contractor. The timeline defines the sequence of all of the various aspects of a build. It lists who will do what and when and will allocate certain windows of time to specific portions of the project. It’ll also outline when specific materials need to be delivered to the job site.

When creating a timeline, a general contractor needs input from all participating subcontractors. This is why it’s highly important to work with companies that have a reputation for quoting work with accuracy. The better your subcontractors are able to stick to their commitments, the more likely the project will be successful. A well-defined timeline helps keep the project on track and ensures construction is finished by the target end date.

If a project goes over the anticipated timeline, then the project is also likely to go over budget.

The Importance Of Staying On Budget

Estimating is one of the most important aspects of any complex construction project. Prior to kicking off a project, general contractors forecast what they think the project is going to cost. This is done by compiling estimates from all subcontractors who were selected for the job. Subcontractors use estimating software to calculate the labor costs and material costs for their respective portions of the project.

Throughout the project, general contractors will measure actual costs vs projected costs to measure efficiency and attempt to keep the project on budget. When subcontractors underestimate their work, it can cause the entire project to come in over budget. This can reduce the overall profitability of the project, and in some cases, firms can even lose money on construction.

As a result, it’s highly important subcontractors are as accurate as possible when projecting the amount of time it will take to complete a sequence of the project, the amount of materials they need, and the cost of those materials.

Common Reasons Why Projects Exceed Timeline Or Budget

Despite the importance of sticking to a timeline and budget, projects often go over for many reasons – especially when it comes to complex construction projects. Some common reasons include:

  • Poor Project Management – A construction project manager is like the conductor. It’s the PM’s responsibility to keep things moving, communicate delays, and re-order sequencing when necessary. Poor project management can result in lengthy delays and unexpected costs.
  • Safety Issues – Safety incidents can cause major delays during a project and can also result in fines to both general contractors and subcontractors. 
  • Inaccurate Estimates – When subcontractors underestimate the time it’ll take to complete the project or the quantity of resources.
  • Design Issues – Sometimes flaws with the project design aren’t discovered until construction begins. These design flaws can have major setbacks.

Finding The Right Subcontractor For Your Project

A track record for sticking to a timeline and budget is one of the most important qualities to look for in a commercial subcontractor. While it’s tough to control every scenario, and delays and unexpected expenses will pop up, the very best subcontractors keep these incidents to a minimum. General contractors need skilled partners they can rely on to accurately bid work and deliver results.

At Unique Building Group (UBG), we’re one of the industry’s most recognized framing subcontractors. We work on massive buildings with innovative designs largely due to our strong partnerships with some of the top general contractors. Our good relationships are a reflection of our ability to execute on our work time and on budget year after year. We accomplish this with expert project management, best-in-class safety standards, and precise estimating practices. We don’t just show up, do our part, and go home. We’re committed to making sure the whole project is a success.

If you’re interested in partnering with one of the very best in the industry, contact the team at UBG today.