Where Can General Contractors Turn to for Metal Framing Work in the San Diego Area

When developing a complex commercial building, strong framing is crucial for long-term strength and durability. Metal framing is a highly durable solution and one of the most common choices when it comes to large innovative projects.

Because framing has such an impact on building safety and security, it’s a job that is best left to only the most skilled and experienced commercial subcontractors in the industry. If you have a complicated commercial project that calls for metal stud framing, choosing the right subcontractor is the best way to limit risk and produce quality results. The team at UBG (Unique Building Group) is the best choice for your metal stud framing needs in the San Diego area.

What is Metal Stud Framing?

Metal Stud Framing is used to create walls, partitions, frames, and building structures. While wood studs have been used for hundreds of years, metal studs offer a higher degree of durability and are a key underlying component to some of the world’s most innovative architecture.

Metal stud framing is a popular choice for commercial buildings. This system consists of a set of tracks and studs. The tracks hold the studs in place, and they also provide a base and top plates for the wall structure. The tracks are secured to the floor and ceiling, and the studs are then inserted onto the tracks, which creates a strong support system for the wall. In order to make sure the walls and tracks are strong, the precise alignment between the stud and the track is key. A full metal stud wall is comprised of C studs, I studs, U studs, channel tracks, and resilient bars.

Some of the benefits of metal stud framing include:

  • Stability – Due to its strength and stability, steel is widely considered to be one of the most durable framing materials.
  • Durability & Safety – Unlike wood, metal stud framing is pest and fire resistant, which can reduce insurance and maintenance costs.
  • Uniformity – Also unlike wood framing, which can have flaws and imperfections, metal framing is uniform and consistent.
  • Weight Tolerance – Metal studs have a significantly higher weight threshold than wood studs, which allows you to hang heavy cabinets or secure furniture with confidence.

Why You Should Choose UBG for Your San Diego Framing Project

Quality framing is crucial for creating a durable and safe structure that can last for hundreds of years. One mistake during installation can jeopardize the integrity of the entire building, so there is no room for error. Because framing also sets the pace for the entire construction project, a delay or disruption can derail the entire sequence putting your project timeline and budget at risk. Choosing a reputable framing subcontractor with experience managing large-scale projects is the best way to limit risk and ensure the very best production.

UBG is the San Diego area’s best metal framing subcontractor. Here are some of the top reasons why GC’s choose UBG for some of the toughest framing projects:

  • We Have the Experience – For the last 30+ years, we have worked on hundreds of complicated projects and installed millions of sqft of metal stud framing all over the San Diego area.
  • We’re Reliable – UBG has an excellent history of completing projects on-time and on-budget. You won’t need to worry about framing slowing down the rest of the project sequence. We go above and beyond to provide our clients and partners with excellent results. You can also expect to have the same team assigned to your project from inception to completion.
  • We’re Safe – Safety is UBG’s number one priority. We have an excellent safety track record which is driven by some of the industry’s most comprehensive safety standards and policies. We do everything we can to protect our workers and partners, while ensuring projects run as smooth as possible.
  • We’re Always Investing in Technology – Technology has revolutionized the commercial construction industry. UBG leverages software, smart technology, drones, and more to supplement our performance and safety. Our ability to quickly and efficiently incorporate new technology into our processes differentiates us in the market.

If you have a complex construction project that calls for metal stud framing, don’t gamble your project’s success on an inexperienced contractor. Contact the team at UBG today.