What Services Does Unique Building Group Bring to the Table for General Contractors

When it comes to large-scale, complicated, construction projects, Unique Building Group (UBG) is among Southern California’s best and safest commercial subcontractors. For several decades, we’ve been contributing to some of the area’s most innovative architecture as well as buildings that make a difference in our communities. Time and time again we deliver excellent results for our clients and partners. So what are the services Unique Building Group brings to the table? 

General contractors across the country turn to UBG for complex construction projects other firms can’t handle. If you’re wondering how we can support your projects, here is a quick list of our top services.

Framing And Drywall

Precisely installed framing and drywall is important for structure, stability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic design.

We’ve earned our strong reputation through the completion of dozens of large framing and drywall jobs all over the country. We’re widely considered the San Diego area’s best commercial framing and drywall subcontractor. It’s not uncommon for us to install over 1 million sqft of drywall or 500K sqft of framing in a single project. Because we provide framing and drywall for some truly innovative architecture, we often must get creative when it comes to problem solving and overcoming challenges.  Few subcontractors on the market are as good at framing and drywall as UBG.

Rainscreen Systems

Rainscreen systems are one of the most important components of a commercial building’s envelope. They protect the quality and integrity of commercial buildings by shielding them from wind, ice, and hail. They also provide adequate rainwater drainage while promoting airflow and keeping moisture away from building exteriors. Rainscreens dramatically increase the lifespan of the exterior wall. We help our clients and partners select the right type of rainscreen system for their projects, and we’re able to quickly and efficiently install the system during construction.

Lath, Plaster, and EIFS

We install high-quality cladding systems that provide buildings with durability, energy-efficiency, and fire safety. However, precise installation is a critical for long-term performance. For example, EIFs must be air-tight against the sheathing; otherwise, moisture and debris could cause long-term damage to the exterior wall. Improperly installed EIFS can lead to costly issues down the line, which is why it’s important to trust a subcontractor like UBG to do large-scale installations. We specialize in high-quality, insulated cladding systems that provide ultimate protection. Remember, if these systems are installed correctly, you won’t have to worry about them for decades.

Coatings & Decorative Finishes

Whether it’s to enhance the aesthetic value of a building or add another layer of protection, UBG works with partners to select the right paints, coatings, decorative finishes, and color schemes before quickly and efficiently applying them. These include quality-assured interior and exterior painting, wall coverings, FRP and more. We put the final touches on commercial buildings that keep them looking great for years to come.

UBG Also Brings Performance, Accountability, And Professionalism

UBG offers several services to help support large-scale development, but it’s our dedication to on-time and on-budget performance as well as our commitment to safety that are our primary differentiators. Through relentless preparation, investments in technology, accurate bidding, and strong communication, we go above and beyond for our general contractors each and every time. Because we’re reliable and highly-skilled, our partners rest easy when we’re on the job. We provide a dedicated team that works as an extension of your team for the duration of the project.

Additionally, safety is priority number one at UBG. We have some of the industry’s most comprehensive safety policies and procedures as well as an excellent safety record. We do everything possible to create the safest possible environment for every worker who steps onto the jobsite. Our partners and clients can rest easy when UBG is on the job.

If you’re looking for subcontractors for your upcoming project, look no further than the industry’s best commercial framing, drywall, EIFs, and rainscreen subcontractor. Partner with a company you can trust to get the job done right — call UBG today.