Can UBG Install Framing and Drywall for our Complex Construction Job?

Finding a good commercial subcontractor capable of efficiently installing hundreds of thousands of square feet of drywall isn’t easy. Finding a subcontractor who isn’t afraid to work on some of the most complex and innovative building designs is even more challenging. This is why Unique Building Group is unique.

Great building design is not only visually appealing, but it can also enhance the value of the surrounding community. This is one of the reasons Unique Building Group (UBG) jumps at the opportunity to work on innovative projects. By just taking a glimpse through our portfolio of work, you will quickly realize why some of the industry’s best general contractors turn to UBG for projects other subcontractors can’t handle.

General contractors often reach out to ask if we’re capable of managing a complicated project. If the building is large, innovative, and has the potential to benefit the surrounding community, the answer is always yes. There is no project too big or too complicated for the team at UBG.

Who Is Unique Building Group?

Unique Building Group is one of the safest, most organized, most experienced, and most compliant commercial subcontractors on the market today. We’re a California-based firm that specializes in framing, drywall, lath, plaster, EIFS, panel systems, commercial rainscreens, and specialty exterior finishes…but on a very large scale. Our firm was founded by industry veterans and brothers Richard and Paul Thompson in 1990, and since then, we’ve grown our team to include some of the very best project managers, estimators, safety managers, and foremen around.

Our entire team has extensive experience with building envelope solutions. Quality work and respect for clients and partners are core values within our firm and we demonstrate these values every day on the job.

Why You Should Partner With UBG For Your Complex Construction Project

UBG is a drywall subcontractor that is more than capable of handling your large-scale project. Here are some of the top benefits you’ll realize from partnering with our team.

  • Safety Is Always The Number One
    We maintain an excellent safety record due to our industry-leading safety procedures, robust training regimen, and culture of accountability. Our practices keep workers safe on the job and keep projects on track. We do not cut corners.
  • We’re Problem Solvers
    Many subcontractors show up, do their job, and go home. Not UBG. We’re dedicated to making sure the entire operation is a success. Due to the scope and size of our projects, we often have to get creative or break away from traditional practices to overcome challenges. We work with our general contractors to do everything we can to make sure the entire project is fulfilled, not just our portion.
  • We Have The Experience
    Installing tens or even hundreds of thousands of square feet of drywall and framing is part of our everyday routine. We’re not afraid to think big. If you’re wondering if UBG can handle your project, you can see for yourself:
    • AC Hotel – Palo Alto
      UBG installed 900,000 sqft of interior drywall and 31,000 sqft of metal stud framing as part of this complicated $8.5 million coastal hotel.
    • San Diego VA Clinic
      We installed a massive amount of metal stud framing, drywall, and lath & plaster on this 8-acre, $22.2 million building that provides resources to those who served.
    • Encinitas Beach Resort
      120,000 sqft of drywall was installed by UBG on this beautiful 130-room oceanfront resort.
    • 5950 Jefferson
      We managed 75,000 sqft of drywall and 15,000 sqft of framing on this innovative 4-story office building which is comprised of shifting boxes centered around a concrete structure
    • Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center
      50,000 sqft of framing and 45,000 sqft of drywall were seamlessly and efficiently installed on this community asset that provides support to those struggling with addiction.
  • We Use Technology To Drive The Best Results
    From software to drones, UBG is always at the forefront of industry technology. We’re quick to invest in solutions that help improve the way we work on the job and enhance the value we deliver to our clients.

At UBG, we’ll take on any project so long as it’s a large structure with an innovative design that has the potential to make an impact on the surrounding community. If your job calls for one of the best drywall subcontractors in California, get in touch with the team at Unique Building Group today.