Richard Thompson

Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Richard secures new projects by compiling detailed estimates that satisfy each client’s specific set of requirements. Through close coordination with vendors and suppliers and one-on-one communication with clients, Richard demonstrates why Unique Building Group is the most qualified contractor to deliver a particular project. This upfront attention pays dividends by enabling operations to pick up and get started immediately on projects with the legwork and detailed planning already completed during the bid process. Richard’s rigorous knowledge of all facets of the construction industry and his accessibility as a principal of the company are primary reasons Unique Building Group has earned a reputation for being professional, organized, and delivering top quality work for its clients.

Richard grew up around the construction business, learning the trade from his father’s structural waterproofing business in the United Kingdom. He began his own construction career with John Mowlem & Company, a global construction firm based in England, where he worked as a Senior Purchasing Manager procuring supplies and negotiating subcontracts for multimillion-dollar construction projects. He then moved to the United States and soon after helped found Unique Building Group in 1990 with his brother Paul and business partner Bob Ferguson. Richard earned his degree in Construction Management from the North East Surrey College of Technology in Epsom, England.

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