Dominic ”Doc” Affinito

Director of Safety & Risk Management

Doc will be building continuity and momentum in the safety program focusing on culture, loss control, loss leaders, trending, training and education, as well as assisting with Workers Compensation. Unique Building Group has always been dedicated to the safety of their employees and has had a strong safety presence, a full-time safety & Risk Manager is a welcome addition to the team.
Doc has extensive Risk Management and safety leadership experience in construction, transportation & distribution of petroleum products, fire service, insurance, and aviation. Doc has had project assignments that range from dam safety in Wyoming, high rise construction in the Hawaiian Islands, design-build projects for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army in Alaska, Hawaii, and New Mexico. Doc has a B.S. in Safety Engineering.

As a Regional Response Chief and HazMat Captain in the fire service in central Wyoming, Doc developed and activated the State’s first Regional Response HazMat Team, reporting directly to Wyoming’s Office of Homeland Security. In addition, a commercial pilot with over 8,400 hours of flight time, and he has a passion for Sailing, Golf and Scuba Diving.

Get in Touch with Dominic

  • 858-589-1045 ext. 309