Client driven, quality and safety obsessed, UBG delivers on time every time. No exceptions!

Who We Are

The Unique Building Group started out as a group of friends brought together by a common trade and grew into a business driven by a shared set of ideals. UBG’s founders Paul and Bob had worked together remodeling homes and installing kitchens and it became clear that the demand for the quality of work they were performing afforded an opportunity for growth and expansion by making the partnership permanent. Paul contacted his brother Richard, who was working in construction in the UK, and together the three founded Unique Concepts, Inc in 1990.

Unique Concepts, Inc grew to work on larger residential projects, installing lath and plaster and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). As the company expanded in size and capabilities we branched out into commercial projects, an area that was so successful that by 1997 Unique Concepts, Inc was working exclusively in commercial construction. The company marked another major milestone in 2005 with the acquisition of Calescon Corp, extending our scope of services to include Cold-Formed Metal Framing (CFMF) and drywall, both structural and non-structural.

25-yearsUnique Concepts, Inc recently celebrated 25 years of operations and commemorated the occasion by updating our corporate image to better reflect our evolution within the industry as well as look forward to our next 25 years of success. With the addition of many new services, Unique Concepts, Inc changed its name to Unique Building Group and adopted new company colors and a progressive new logo. Today Unique Building Group is respected by clients for our adaptability and eagerness to find creative solutions to challenging requirements. The hands-on participation of our executive team means that our personal commitment to quality and respect for a client’s needs is shared from the top down throughout our company.

What We Do

Unique Building Group provides full service from project bids through to completed delivery. Our comprehensive estimation process helps general contractors find creative solutions to their project requirements while keeping down costs through our years of experience in value engineering. Upon being awarded a contract we take a hands-on approach in overseeing the project site to ensure safety and quality of the final product. The partners of the Unique Building Group are always accessible and ready to be on site to help in problem solving. Safety is especially important and we strive to maintain excellent practices through regular training with all on-site personnel.

We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial drive to stay on the leading edge and help our clients keep up with the ever-changing demands and standards of the market. We have a reputation for being the group to contact when clients aren’t sure if a new design idea is even possible. There is no special project or unique challenge that we are not willing to take on.

The following is a sampling of services and techniques that we specialize in:

  • Structural Metal Framing
  • Light Gauge Metal Framing
  • Drywall
  • Lath and Plaster
  • Exterior Panel Systems
  • Large Format Ceramic Tile Claddings
  • Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS)
  • Rain Screen Systems
  • Standing-Seam Roofs

Our Leadership


Richard Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

858-586-1045 ext. 306

Paul Thompson

Chief Operating Officer

858-586-1045 ext. 312

Michelle McNamara

Chief Administrative Officer

858-586-1045 ext. 302

Michael marasco

Michael Marasco

Director of Construction

858-586-1045 ext. 318

mark ayers

Mark Ayers

General Superintendent

858-586-1045 ext. 310

Harry Gallagher

Chief Estimator

858-586-1045 ext. 305

Ramon Hermosillo

Sr. Estimator

858-586-1045 ext. 308

Interested in joining the UBG team?

UBG is expanding rapidly both in Southern and Northern California.

Working with UBG offers intellectual challenge, the opportunity to work in diverse teams, and the potential to have a significant impact on our clients’ expectations. But it is not all ’plain sailing’: our clients come first, which means it is not a nine-to-five job and the work level is generally intense.

You will find the rewards from this dynamic company are more than worthwhile: we recognize and remunerate the effort our people put into meeting the needs of our clients, and try to ensure that everyone maintains a proper balance between their work and personal lives.

So, if you have what we are looking for and are keen to establish a long-term relationship with us, please visit our Career Opportunities page.

Career Opportunities